Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Creme Pie Recipe Review!

There really is no better season in my eyes than FALL!! I love the colors, the temperatures (give me a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and I am a happy girl), the bon-fires, Halloween, hot cocoa and hot apple cider. So yesterday when I found a recipe for pumpkin crème pies I couldn't wait to try them.  
I loved that almost everything in the recipe I had in my pantry. I had to run to the store to get the pumpkin and cream cheese.
After getting starting dinner and getting it in the oven I started on the pies. I used a big metal bowl and hand held mixer. All the wet ingredients mixed together easily. For the dry ingredients it didn't say to but I always sift my flour when combining for baking. I find it makes it easier to mix into wet ingredients.
Once my pie mixture was complete I took a gallon zip lock bag inserted it into a small bowl folding the sides of the bag over the edges. I added the pie mixture to the bag got the air out and sealed it closed. I took all my precut square parchment papers and laid them out on the kitchen table. I cut the corner off my zip lock bag and began making the circle shaped pies. I loved the convenience of the squares though I found moving my hand with the bag easier than trying to just squeeze with one hand and move the paper. After I finished making all the pies I added them to ungreased cookie sheets. The other great thing about the paper squares, clean up was a breeze. I put the pies in the oven, set the timer and began the filling recipe.
I had the cream cheese and butter at room temperature, again used the handheld mixer and everything came together great. After it was combined I set aside till my pies were done and cooled completely.
The finished product looked just like the picture from the recipe. (something I enjoy being able to see so I know whether mine turned out) My husband ate the first one and raved about the taste, just like a pumpkin roll he said. That was my exact description as well. The difference and the main reason I really love this recipe and plan to use it many times in the future is the convenience of the cookie shape. (No plate and fork needed)

Make and take these great treats to Parties
Put in lunches for kids, husbands and self (a better choice than the boxed version from the store)
Terrific for a bake sale
Put in a nice tin and give as a gift
Make the day before Thanksgiving and pull them out for a fun dessert (I'd choose these over pumpkin pie any day)
Get in the kitchen start baking and enjoy this Sweet Fall Treat :)
*The only drawback I found from this recipe was the total prep time. However, with that said I will continue to use this recipe.

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  1. These look awesome!! I saw them earlier this week and thought about trying them for the holidays. Now I definitely well :)

    Thanks for sharing!