Friday, October 15, 2010

The exciting and dreaded first haircut.

What is a good age, where do you take them, how do you get them to sit still.
I love my child to death but his ability, like most children's, to sit still is almost nonexistent. So when I decided he needed a haircut and I couldn't put it off anymore I looked into where I would take him. I really wanted somewhere not very expensive, where we wouldn't have to wait long, the stylist would be patient enough to work with a child  and I could be a crazy 1st time mom and take a bunch of pictures.
After looking up on-line reviews and info on places in my area I found Pigtails and Crewcuts. They are a chain and located in many states. The prices were a bit higher than I wanted to spend on my child's haircut but I took into consideration time and frustration at any other place and decided a little more money would probably be worth my sanity. Boy was I right.
You can tell this place is kid friendly as soon as you walk in the door. The "Chairs" are fire trucks, police cars, taxi cabs and airplanes. They have a play table for children in the waiting area. They offer birthday parties and each stylist station is equipped with a TV/DVD player and video games for the kids to play/watch while they get their hair cut.
Cole was so excited to sit in the police car and watch the DVD I picked for him from the DVD library. We're talking everything from Nickelodeon and Disney to Veggie Tales.
He wasn't a fan of being sprayed by the water bottle to wet his hair down but once that part was over he paid no attention to the fact his hair was getting cut and just watched the movie while acting like he was driving the police car. Since he was so entertained I was able to take a bunch of pictures and video to share with my family and add to Cole's baby book. When the cut was over and he looked no longer like my baby boy but a big boy we got a piece of his hair, a picture and a certificate to commemorate his 1st haircut, all part of the first haircut package.

Since his first haircut I have tried two different places, standard adult style hair salons, and found as I said I spend a little less money but a lot more time bribing with candy and goodies while begging him to sit still.

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